NY State bans gaming, web-surfing, texting while driving

The law affects electronic distractions so we're talking about surfing the web—I've actually seen people with laptops in their laps while driving—and texting—we've all seen this I'm sure. It also involves gaming which I never figured someone would feel a need to do while driving.

"The New York Senate voted Thursday to outlaw using portable electronic devices to text, play games or surf the Web while driving.

The Assembly had approved the measure earlier. It sets fines up to $150 for using handheld devices or laptops to send text messages or read, view or transmit images or data while a vehicle is moving. Gov. David Paterson is expected to sign it.

"This is a long-overdue safety measure for New York," said sponsor Sen. Martin Dilan, D-Brooklyn, who chairs the Senate Transportation Committee. "Texting and burgeoning technologies continue to pose serious, and sometimes fatal, distractions to drivers of all ages."

It warms my heart to see legislatures writing laws for behavior that sensible people should already know not to do. This legislation follows current legislation to punish those that use their cell phones while driving. I only need to look to my left or right while driving to see someone flaunting the law and using their cell phone while doing 75 mph. All this accomplishes is putting another law on the books.

If you aren't worried about killing yourself or someone else while surfing the web, then you aren't going to let a $150 fine stop you from finishing New Super Mario Bros. or Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince before you reaching your house.

Source: Newsday.com

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