Extra Credits returns with more on the Western role-playing game vs Japanese role-playing games debate. This time they challenge our genre classifications and dare to imply that they are a bit antiquated.

Source: Extra Credits on Blip

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11 years ago

I have noticed 2 basic things are far as characters go and that is age and hip factor. JP based RPGs tend to be young and hip with their characters while Western based RPGs tend to be older and more jaded or “adult” in physic/mentality. Not always mind you but it seems the fictional base tends to go younger for the JRPG side of things. But for me what always separated them was mechanics, WRPGs tended to be deeper and more intrecut look at Dungeon master/skullkeep,Fallout,Balders gate,D&D based rpgs,ect,ect,ect. While Jrpgs made up their own rules which tended to be… Read more »