The Extra Credits guys and gals certainly aren’t afraid to tackle the big topics, even though it can take them a while to get to them. There aren’t too many other topics surrounded with more landmines than that of “Religion in Games.” And in fairness to crew, a lot was covered in the 12 minutes of video, but it feels like they only brushed the surface (no Christian-based games?). Hopefully, there is another, deeper discussion in the works that covers more of this subject matter.

Source: Extra Credits on Blip

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10 years ago

Dale, I think you have to cut them some slack because really it is like he said in the video, most of his audience is anti-religion so the Christian games might not even be considered “games”.

He is talking about games that the hardcore console and PC gamers play and I think they covered what that segment would be exposed to really well. There are no religious games, openly religious anyway, and a lot of religious imagery and that sort of thing.

Looking at it that way, it was a pretty solid presentation.