Dead Space - Isaac Clarke Advance RIG Hoodie

Do you love Dead Space? Do you love Dead Space so much that you want to look like its protagonist Issac Clarke? What if you are too insecure to go all out and dress up in a full-on the engineer's suit?

Well, you might be in luck. A clothing designer/artist that goes by machine56 has drawn up the design for a hoodie and T-Shirt that pays tribute to the engineer's suit while not resembling something that couldn't be worn past a group of high school jocks without fear of a beating.

According to a post by the artist, Electronic Arts and Visceral Games have given him the go ahead to make the clothing. The caveat is that he is a lone designer located in Indonesia. If you want to get your hands on some Dead Space clothing, you will probably be paying a premium to do so.

Dead Space - Isaac Clarke Advance RIG Hoodie

Sources: Kotaku, deviantART,

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12 years ago

1. I’m really surprised that EA and Visceral gave the ok. Not like its a huge money making endevour but publishers don’t usually just let something take their stuff and sell it.

2. What’s wrong with being able to dress like Boba Fett?