Given enough time (and interest?) there is a developer out there that might be able to do something impressive with the Dead Rising franchise on the Wii. Apparently that developer wasn't contracted by Capcom to develop this "port".

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-_-;;; that’s the tutorial video from the japanese website

Dale Weir
Seriously, the graphics in this game look bad!!! (Forgive all those exclamation points, but the emphasis is needed.) I’ve seen PlayStation 2 and even GameCube games with more characters on screen and the characters are moving, not standing still in the video. I can’t speak to how much better they animate, but they didn’t look as bad as the zombies here. Chop Til You Drop looks rushed. And if it wasn’t rushed then it was a technical impossibility (for Capcom and) for the Wii and should not be released. Where is Nintendo and its quality assurance staff? They were supposed… Read more »