Are you a Legend of Zelda fan? Of course you are. And as a Zelda fan, the one thing you've always wanted outside of a Zora Tunic or the Master Sword is a large chest just like the ones Link finds all the best goodies in.

Remember how dramatic it felt opening one of these chests and finding a dungeon compass?

Instructables user Zachariah Cruse has put together a guide on how to build your own treasure chest so that you too can be serenaded everytime you open it to access your collection of masks, boots and ocarinas.


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Dale Weir

I looked at the Instructables guide that the user posted and I thought it was doable. The thing about Instructables is that it is for people with the desire but not the skill.

Well if you really want a Zelda-ish treasure chest then you finally know what you need to do it.

On the scale of 1 to 10–1 being hammering a nail into a piece of wood and 10 being a house–this is probably like a 2. 🙂


I was all set to give this a dry until I looked at all of the instructions and realized that after getting all of the supplies together I’d probably need a contractor to build it for me. 🙂

It is no small build.