Annie Leung sets Guitar Hero Guinness world record

As I am not a big follower of Guitar Hero record-breaking, Annie Leung, has flown below the radar despite the apparent abundance of photo shoots and public appearances documented all over the Internet.

This UC Berkeley graduate—who claims to practice four to six hours at a time before a competition—has reached the top of her… sport(?) and set the official Guinness World Record for female Guitar Hero players. Of course, this has earned her equal amounts of praise and scorn from the gaming public. The high heels and tight dresses she competes in might factor in to their reaction.

And even though Activision has killed off Guitar Hero, doesn't mean there won't be more Guitar Hero records for Leung to set and then break in the future. After all, there was a whole documentary (The King of Kong) about grown men trying to set and then break records on ancient 1980s arcade machines.

Had to get this fourth video in here simply because she's being interviewed by a woman dressed like Bayonetta.

Source: angry asian man and OC Weekly

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12 years ago

You know its not like she’s full of herself at least I can’t tell from the videos. :-p It wouldn’t kill gamers to expand their wardrobe beyond an plussized Warhammer t-shirt and cut-off jeans.

12 years ago

Does she really show up in knee high boots and all that makeup? Does she really thing she is a rockstar?