According to ESRB, this game contains: Animated Blood & Gore, Animated Violence

Parents, I am sure, will have a problem with the gore in the game but it can be turned off and is less gorey than other titles on the market. There is also the potty-mouth issue in the game. Im referring to one line in particular, but the overall tone of the characters comments certainly are aim towards the more mature audience. Unreal Tournament was tested on an average gaming machine: K6-2 400MHz CPU, 100-plus megabytes of RAM, and 56K modem. Even with a modest setup like this, Unreal Tournament ran beautifully with consistently smoother framerates than the more hardware-intensive Q3A. It was on rare occasion that the action would get really heated onscreen with loads of Bots occupying large arenas or the detail levels maxed out to their fullest, did the action began to hiccup along. That said, a top-of-the-line 3D card is highly recommended to play this game. And while were on the subject of hardware, there is one other interesting thing to note about the sound support in Unreal Tournament. We were impressed by the support for all the latest 3D sound standards like EAX and A3D. But at the same time, we were a little dumbfounded by the maligned surround sound on our four-speaker setup that just didnt sound right. Its not any one thing that I can quite pinpoint so youll have to trust me on this one.

FPS fans should be warned that this is a multiplayer game first and foremost. No mater how great the single-player mode is, the game is meant to be played online. I would recommend Half-Life: Opposing Force or Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear instead for FPS action.

All the 'Quake-heads' could do worse than picking up Unreal Tournament for some new Deathmatch experiences, being that it is the first game to dethrone Quake from its throne as king of the multiplayers. But the more hardcore Deathmatch fans would more likely prefer the latest release: Q3A.

Those new to the online Deathmatch craze or everyone else who is just curious should check out Unreal Tournament for its excellent tutorials and training modes, which are absent in Q3A.

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