According to ESRB, this game contains: Animated Violence, Animated Violence

Parents should be aware that there is some minor swearing coming from characters in the game and there are, at times, strong sexual overtones, especially in the brothels and bars in the game. This game is definitely not for the young.

PC gamers and old-school RPG purists, who dislike the console-style of RPGs like Final Fantasy VII, should stay away from Septerra Core: Legacy of the Creator at all costs. The linear nature of the gameplay, which stems from an emphasis on storytelling narrative is contrary to the more traditionally open-ended style of play popularized by the Ultima series. These types of players would probably be better off with one from the Baldurs Gate series, Fallout series, or the recently released Ultima Ascension instead.

On the other hand, fans of more hack n' slash style of action RPGs like Diablo, may appreciated the simplicity of controls and frequent battles that Septerra Core offers.

Hardware junkies looking to show off their shiny new 3D accelerators will feel completely gypped by Septerra Core, which is entirely sprite-based with only prerendered 3D backgrounds that doesnt require any 3D support. The converse of this is also true, meaning that Septerra Core will run beautifully even on modest setups with Pentium 200mhz and 32 Megs of RAM.

Anime, console, and Squaresoft fans looking for another RPG fix for their addictions will be sure to get high off of the wonderfully complex and epic storyline that Septerra Core: Legacy of the Creator offers.

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