PlayStation owners get the better end of the stick as far as the console versions go. The PSX version gets the Michael Jordan one-on-one and Legends modes, whereas the Nintendo 64 version only gets the addition of Michael Jordan. There are also certain multimedia features that are only available on the PSX, like halftime shows complete with gyrating cheerleaders and the ambient vocals (trash-talking) in the Jordan one-on-one mode. Unfortunately, both games are incredibly ugly and should rather be avoided. I must make it clear that we are discussing the console versions here and not the PC version. The PC version of Live 2000 has superb graphics and animation, the Legends and Michael Jordan modes, and it also plays like a dream.

If you're looking for your basketball fix, then I suggest that PlayStation owners wait for Sony's NBA Shootout 2000 and N64 owners pick up NBA Courtside 2. If you must have a copy of NBA Live this Christmas, then please grab the PC version. Otherwise, I suggest picking up the best basketball game on the market, NBA2K for the Dreamcast.

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