I can't think of anything that parents may find offensive. In fact, given the age of this franchise, some parents may want to run out and get the game themselves since they cut their teeth on the NES classic.

Naturally, nostalgic Excitebike fans should give the 64-bit update a go. The game is not only packed with the original Excitebike game, but also a 3-D version of the original tracks as well. If that weren't enough, it has one of the most intuitive track editing features I've come across in a console game, and it is certainly above the one that gained notoriety in the NES game. The transition from 2-D to 3-D was made wonderfully. So as long as you are dying to catch big air, it will be enjoyable to play.

Fans of motorcross racing sims may want to look elsewhere because while there is depth to the gameplay, Excitebike 64 does not hide its arcade roots.

Everyone else should pick up this title because it offers great single-player modes as well as excellent multiplayer modes. It is great fun all around.

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