According to ESRB, this game contains: Strong Language

Parents should be aware that there is a fair amount of potty mouth language in this game. Its in both the lyrics of the music and out of the mouths of the passengers and cabbies alike. Aside from that, there isnt anything that you may find questionable.

Dreamcast owners desperate for games for their dying console will likely enjoy their time spent with Crazy Taxi 2.

Crazy Taxi fans are sure to find something they will like about Crazy Taxi 2 if all they are looking for is a new city to drive through and new drivers to control. The new jump feature and replay mode spice things up a little bit.

PlayStation 2 owners will have to settle for Acclaim's recently released port of the original Crazy Taxi.

Those with time-constraints and arcade racing/driving fans may enjoy Crazy Taxi given its pick-up-and-go gameplay.

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