I have to admit that after trying my hand at the demo of the original Rainbow Six on the PC, I was so overwhelmed by the strategy and planning that went into it that I never gave the game much of a chance. Having played Rainbow Six for the Nintendo 64, I realize now that that was a huge mistake. Granted as Chi said, the game is more simplified, this is a good thing in my book because the controls were a lot more approachable and the planning phase didnt feel like homework. Like Chi, I felt a bit of euphoria once it was time to actually go through the mission and I could see the other teams moving about and carrying out my orders and actually helping me accomplish the mission goal. Rainbow Six also brings to consoles something that was previously only known to online PC gamers: cooperative play. Chi mentioned this, but I think its worth stressing again the new levels of teamwork and strategy thats added when playing with a buddy. It doesnt necessarily make the game any easier, but it adds to the realism tremendously and its always nice to have someone watching my back.

Unfortunately, a couple of miscues in Rainbow Six lowered its overall score. For one, the game is too short. There are only 12 missions and as cool as some of them are, they can essentially be completed in one sitting; just as the game was gettting good, it was over. Another 10 or 12 missions would have certainly helped. The other thing is the bug-problem that Chi mentioned earlier. While not overly glaring, the bugs do pop up every now and then and they were hard to miss. In closing, I have to say that the Nintendo 64 is still the console to beat when it comes to FPSs and in the hands of Saffire, Rainbow Six is one of the best PC-to-console ports Ive ever come across. Rating: 8.5 out of 10

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