Chi pretty much covered all bases in regard to Threads Of Fate. The graphics in the game are remarkable, and the lack of full-motion video was not missed at all as the real-time graphics more than sufficed. I especially liked how the two plotlines were told throughout the game—although I preferred Rue's more noble quest. No matter which I picked, they were humorous and carefree overall with the right touches of drama when needed. This part of the game was proof that Squaresoft still knows how to tell as story.

It was the other 70 percent of the game that I had a problem with. How a game that requires so much platform jumping could have an unresponsive jump button is beyond me. Also, I wonder why they restricted the game to set paths as it did. I constantly found myself fighting with the game to go off the beaten path only to be blocked off by the "invisible walls" programmed into the game to stop such exploration. Without any freedom, it is easy for Threads Of Fate's gameplay to be reduced to that of a 16-bit side-scroller. I also took issue with how Mint's story was treated as afterthought. Granted her intentions were obviously selfish, but she was such a comical character that she was the perfect balance to the more stoic and reserved Rue. Of course, that alone couldn't have saved the game, but it would have helped a lot.

Threads Of Fateis a sweet, light-hearted romp that could have been more had Squaresoft worked as hard on the gameplay as it had on the story and graphics. As is, it is a nice little game to pick up for a few hours and then pass onto a younger player. Rating: 6.5 out of 10

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