I think Chi made some good points, but not many of them were important enough to require a similar rating from me. The fouling is an issue, but it adds a bit of realism to see the computer try to get back into the game late and I was happy to actually see a 4-point-play in a console game. Admittedly, I wouldn't have minded if the computer made a few quick trips downcourt and launched some 'threes' to get close, but it wasn't a big deal. And the little bugs Chi mentioned just looked awkward but never really forced me to get up and scream at the TV screen or anything. For the most part, I'd have to say the negatives were what I have come to expect in sports games where the developer never quite gets all the bugs out of from trying to mimic the real-life sport.

It's all less evident in consideration of what Courtside 2 does offer and there are some very good things here. As Chi mentioned, the player animations and screen resolution are both much improved over the original; the dunks don't look as awkward and player movements are much more realistic. When speaking of realism, I have to mention the realistic facial textures AND animation that Left Field sneaked into the cart. For a change, I could recognize players by their faces, not just their jersey number. The game's features like the career mode, 3-point contest, and draft are well executed and deserve praise. And if I may say so, the give-and-go feature is a brilliant addition that, like the other innovations in the Courtside series, will be overlooked by other gamemakers and critics alike. Courtside 2 has bugs as well as some deficiencies (the blocking issues Chi mentioned), but there's nothing here that knocks this game below its competition. Maybe I am more lenient than Chi because I don't know of anyone (aside from Chi) who looks for great leaps from year to year in titles such as these, but I think Courtside 2 is fun and an overall improvement on the original and certainly worth checking out. Rating: 8.0 out of 10

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