It's funny Chi mentioned his inhibitions because I had some of my own. We agree on everything up to that "200lb sumo" analogy. One big draw of World Driver Championship (WDC) is the team-racing concept. Taking a team to the top of the circuit added incentive to complete the game. It was nice change from the simplistic one-dimensional arcade ports that populated the system. Yes, WDC can be unforgiving to fans of San Francisco RUSH or Crusin' USA. The cars react realistically to turns and my car's speed and handling had a definite impact on the car through turns throughout the course of the race. You cannot be lax while playing because at any time it could cost you your place in the race.

What I think should be stressed are the graphics in this game because they are phenomenal. Boss made a point to mention that they wouldn't be supporting the 4MB Memory Pak. In fact, they said they wouldn't need it. After seeing the game in action, I have to side with Boss; WDC needs no help in the graphics department. The cars are beautifully rendered and the environments are so realistic that I had to keep reminding myself that this was not memory pak enabled. The game also offers a high-res letterbox format, which serves no real purpose but like any film buff that chooses the letterbox edition of a movie, video game connoisseurs will appreciate this option.

WDC is not without its faults, however. Except in the front-view mode, there is rarely a real sense of speed. When I'm driving a car flying easily over 100 mph, I should feel like I'm flying by the seat of my pants, but instead I felt more like I was speeding down the highway on my way to work. As realistically as the cars handle, the most you will lose is your place in the race. You car never takes damage nor does it ever do more than spinout as Chi mentioned. This removes a lot of realism from the game. And finally, WDC lacks authentic cars. To save time and (I figure) money Boss, decided not to license cars and instead created pseudo models. The Porsche and Ferrari are in the game, but they look a little different and go by different names. Ultimately not a big deal, but something I think you should be aware of when going in.

WDC is an excellent GT racer. If Boss included some realistic crashes, added some damage models and got the licenses, WDC would be comparable to Gran Turismo on the PlayStation. Alas, it lacks these things so I'll have to say that it's not the greatest in the world, but for those without a PlayStation dying for a GT game of their own, this is the one for you. Rating: 8.5 out of 10

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6 years ago

I want you to make me a playthrough video on world driver championship and use the 98 rage 996 gtr A car which is the boss racing car the car that saids boss on it. And I want you to make that playthrough video and post that video on