Dead And Breakfast


HIGH Hilarious background NPC dialogue.

LOW Episode 4’s first Escalation Mode mission is HARD.

WTF Agent 47 is too stylish to be caught pairing a brown belt with a black shirt.


Hotels are something of a staple in Hitman. Nearly every installment in the franchise features some sort of grand, luxurious, multi-level resort to set Agent 47 loose in. Sometimes they double as casinos. Sometimes they’re haunted. These hotels are usually filled with people on vacation, but Agent 47 is always there on business, and his business is murder. IO’s new Hitman follows in this tradition as Episode 4 takes 47 to the Himmapan Hotel in Bangkok for his latest assignment.

Episode 4’s mission, Club 27, asks our man to hunt down the eccentric lead singer of a popular rock band, as well as his infamous corporate lawyer. The rock star has rented out the lush hotel’s upper floor and converted it into a private recording studio. The mission also takes place on his birthday. Poisoned cake, anyone?

As usual with Hitman levels, the Himmapan Hotel is as intricate as it is sprawling. Although it might be the smallest level so far, its tightness means no space is wasted and it’s still large enough to get lost in — due to its scope and multilayered security zones, my first time with Club 27 took about three hours.

After a dip in the quality of weapon and gear rewards for the past couple of episodes, Club 27 gave me some new equipment to get excited about. A new sniper rifle, an ultra-silent pistol and silenced shotgun (!!!) were welcome additions to my stagnant inventory. However, the best new item is a remotely-triggered bomb disguised as a cell phone. I’ve never been one to take the explosive way out of missions, but I’ll be damned if placing an inconspicuous phone near a target and watching them blow sky high when they answer my call isn’t satisfying.

Episode 4 might ultimately be more of the same, but this year’s episodic Hitman is the best the series has ever been, and I’m not complaining. However, with the United States and Japan chapters still to come before this season ends, I do hope IO Interactive has a few more tricks up its sleeve. Rating: 7.5 out of 10


Disclosures: This game was developed by IO Interactive and published by Square-Enix. It was obtained via paid download and played on PS4. About 9 hours were spent with this episode and other game modes. Episode 4 was completed 8 times.

Parents: According to the ESRB Hitman is rated Mature for blood, drug reference, intense violence, strong language and suggestive themes. Although long stretches of this game can feature no violence or blood, the game is ultimately about murdering people, so it’s best for mature audiences.

Deaf & Hard of Hearing: Subtitles are available and visual cues for enemies detecting the player and trespassing warnings are available. The HUD makes Hitman a smooth experience for hard of hearing audiences.

Remappable Controls: X and Y axes can be standard or inverted, vibration can be toggled and Aim Assistance is offered. However, no button remapping is available for the controller.

Colorblind Modes: No colorblind options are available.

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