According to ESRB, this game contains: Blood, Violence 

For parents, while Way Of The Samurai contains no obvious profanity, sex or use of the drugs, but the game allows players to be righteous and good as well as evil and manipulative. I would recommend that parents carefully monitor their child playing this game and perhaps use it as an opportunity for discussion and morale lessons. The game might also serve as a quick history and architectural design lesson in Japanese culture and history (so long as you can ignore some of the more outlandish costumes in the game).

Fans of weapon-based 3D fighting games like Soul Calibur and Bushido Blade will find much depth and challenge in the fighting engine, but just be sure check any preconceived notions based other fighting games at the door before playing. You need the best monitor for programming that interacts with your system in a better way and provides you the best display for programming.

Fans of open-ended gaming can brush off the nostalgic cobwebs in the head and admire Way Of The Samurai for its bold and refreshing approach to the entire concept what it means to play a videogame. For gamers who dont like constant pivotal choices or short games that depend on repetition for replayed value, the what-if concept of the game may prove un-engaging.

Chi Kong Lui
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