According to ESRB, this game contains: Violence, Suggestive Themes

Parents who are concerned about sexual content should be on high alert for Rumble Roses. While there is no profanity or actual nudity, the ultra slinky costumes and sexually explicit wrestling attacks warrant the mature label. This title is clearly for adults only.

Pro-wrestling purists aren't going to find any serious form of a simulation here and the lack of features and modes don't help. However, some wrestling fans who like the current trend of Bra and Panties matches that are popular in the WWE will probably get a kick out of Rumble Roses.

For any wrestling fan, the actual in ring action, while not superior to most other titles, is still more than competent.

Deaf and Hard of Hearing gamers should have no problems playing since all the cut-scenes have captions and there are plenty of on-screen icons and indicators. The only thing that will be missed is the unessential trash talking during matches.

Chi Kong Lui
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