So you wanna host a podcast?

At the end of episode 67, the announcement was made that after more than three years and what will be 70 amazing episodes, the GameCritics Podcast is losing our inspirational host and guiding light, Timothy J. Spaeth

While he will live on in our hearts (and live on in general) he will be missed.

However, the show isn't over. As is often said, the end of one thing marks the beginning of the next, and that holds true here as well. is now in search of a new host to take up the reins and lead our established cast of Mike, Chi, Richard and Brad in a new direction.

Have you been a podcast host in the past and need a new show to call home?

If not… are you someone who's always dreamed of hosting a podcast?

If not… do you at least speak English and want to talk on the Internet?

If the answer to any of those questions is ‘YES', you're a fan of the show/familiar with our format, and you're willing to commit to making podcast magic twice a month, then we want to talk to you – And by the way, a Scottish accent is a plus!

If you think you've got what it takes to become the next host of the GameCritics podcast (or would like to guest host several episodes in the interim), send an audio clip or a link to your past work. If you're a first-timer and don't have any past work, then send us a clip and show us what you've got. All sample submission (no more than 10 megs) and/or links should be emailed to Podcast AT GameCritics Dot Com. Candidates will be contacted by GameCritics staff.

Opportunities like this don't come along every day, and this chance won't be available forever. Drop us a line, tell us who you are, and who knows… *you* could be the new emcee of the world-renowned, fan favorite GameCritics podcast!

Thanks to Brad Gallaway for drafting this announcement.

Chi Kong Lui

Chi Kong Lui

In the 1980s, Chi grew up in small town on the outskirts of New York City called Jackson Heights. Latino actor, John Leguizamo referred to the town as the "melting pot of the world," and while living there, Chi was exposed to many diverse cultures, as well as a bevy of arcade classics such as Pac-Man, Space Ace, Space Harrier and Double Dragon. Chi's love of videogames only seemed to grow as his parents finally caved and bought him an 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System (after being the only kid in the block without one). In the 1990s, Chi finagled his way into the prestigious Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School for the Performing Arts.

Somewhere between all the gaming, Chi some how managed to finish high school and get into the New York Institute of Technology. At the same time, Chi also interned at Virtual Frontiers, an Internet software consultancy where he learned the ways of HTML. Soon after acquiring his BFA, Chi went on to become the lead Web designer of the Anti-Defamation League. During his tenure there, Chi was instrumental in redesigning and relaunching the non-profit organization's Web site.

Today, Chi is the webmaster of the American Red Cross in Greater New York and somehow managed to work through the tragic events of September 11th without losing his sanity. Chi considers his life's work and continues to be amazed that the web site is still standing after the recent dotcom fallout. It is his dream that will accomplish two things: 1) Redefine the grammar of videogames much the same way French film critic Andre Bazin did for the art of cinema and 2) bring game criticism to the forefront of mainstream culture much the same way Siskel & Ebert did for film criticism.
Chi Kong Lui
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9 years ago

Yes Tim will be missed, he kept the ship running tight and straight. I would love this podcast to get someone who is funny, a comedian who is a gamer is the sweet spot for podcasts in my opinion. Kumail Nanjiani (indoor kids) or aisha talyor (girl on guy) are both funny, run a great podcast and also have a large fan base.

Mousse Effect
Mousse Effect
9 years ago

Tim will be missed, as he had a great sense of humor and always made me laugh a lot. But I guess Dark Souls reclaimed him.

Anyway, I can think of only one can replace him : Dan Weissenberger ! Come one Dan !!!