According to ESRB, this game contains: Animated Violence, Mild Language

Metal Gear Solid junkies looking for a similar fix may be disappointed by the subtle differences in Winback. Metal Gear Solid is far slicker in terms of its presentation and production values because it's trying to look and feel like a high-budgeted Hollywood motion picture. Winback, on the other hand, offers something closer (though not entirely accurate either) to a tactical simulation with more control and maneuvering. The comparisons warrant Beatles vs. Stones-like furor and Nintendo 64 fans should definitely side with Winback and hail it as a wonderfully unique experience and a tribute to the superior Nintendo 64 controller rather than degrading it as a Metal Gear Solid clone.

It's also worthy to note that the multiplayer modes in Winback are well developed and far more satisfying than any other one in recent memory. Those who waited on this one for the longest time will not be disappointed. It was well worth the time.

Chi Kong Lui
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