According to ESRB, this game contains: Mild Animated Violence, Suggestive Themes 

For parents, there are some overtly sexual gestures in the dance moves, but probably nothing your kids probably havent already witnessed a hundred times over on MTV. In fact, by virtue of being a game rooted in music and dance rather than on ultra-violence, Id say Space Channel 5 makes a fine selection for girls (Ulalas mix of confidence, expressive style, and sexiness makes her a pretty good role-model) as well as boys (as long as they dont deem the game too 'sissy').

Fans of music/rhythm games like Parappa The Rapper and Bust-A-Groove, as well as everyone else, may be surprised that Space Channel 5 is more stringent than expected and is no walk in park in terms of its difficulty. Without literal visual cues and some annoying quirks in the gameplay, Space Channel 5 can be a rather difficult game to advance in, but at the same time, highly rewarding.

Those who consider themselves rhythmically challenged or flat-out tone deaf may not appreciate what the game offers. Still, the game has a great deal of personality and a unique style to its presentation that make it worth the price of admission.

Chi Kong Lui
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