According to ESRB, this game contains: Animated Violence

Parents, Power Stone 2 isn't like your typical two-player fighting game, but that doesn't make it less fun either. If you're a parent of multiple young children, Power Stone 2 in simple and entertaining enough to could keep them occupied just long enough for the babysitter to arrive. The violence is very anime-cartoony (like DragonBall Z) and often very silly (umbrella attacks anyone?). There isn't any profanity or nudity to be concerned about either.

Hardcore fans of the original Power Stone should not be disappointed with the sequel since it cranks up just about every feature from the original with amazing quality.

Multiplayer fans on the Dreamcast also have another solid party title on their hands. Only the overall play-life is questionable, given its scant amount of stages, and the problematic item collecting feature. An endless supply of human competitors could make up for the lack of diversity, but sadly there's no online feature as of yet and you'll have to dial-up your buddies the old fashion way and have them come over in just plain old reality.

Chi Kong Lui
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