Pokémon Snap is truly different from the kind of games that dominate today's market. It's a first-of-its-kind title along the lines of Parappa The Rapper and Carnage Heart.

Thus, hardcore fans of established genres and players looking for more or less the same kinds of gameplay will want to stay clear of this one.

All those interested in photography, Pokémon, distinctive gaming experiences, or anything else related to Pokémon Snap in particular, will find something to be happy about when playing.

Critics of videogame violence and parents looking for less corrupt alternatives will find a wonderful selection in Pokémon Snap. Be warned also that the cart can only save 60 photos at a time with only ONE user account. There's also no conventional means of outputting the photos either besides those kiddy printouts (Pokémon Snap stations are at your local Blockbuster video stores), so be forewarned.

Chi Kong Lui
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