Two fields may seem minuscule to some, but rest assure since the concept of Pokémon depends on having only a red and blue version. Adding more would only weaken that very fabric that makes the formula a success. There is also plenty of diversity in the gameplay to keep things from getting bored.

For Game Boy owners, the recent rash of colorized remixes makes Pokémon Pinball stands out as an original title and the unique rumble feature only further emphasizes that. So while this game won't displace Tetris has the must-have title on long trips, its still a great alternative especially if you get into a heated competition for the top score, despite there being no real linked two-player modes.

Next-generation system owners should keep in mind that while the graphics are quite charming and utilize the available colors well; everything looks distinctly 8-bit.

For people disgusted with Pokémon, Pokémon Pinball won't change your mind. But for those who want to see what the Pokémon craze is all about without having to sacrifice the tremendous hours required to the play the role-playing game, Pokémon Pinball is perfect.

Chi Kong Lui
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