According to ESRB, this game contains: Mild Language, Violence

Parents, youve probably already gotten an earful from your kids already, and theres not much I can say or do to discourage their enthusiasm. While youre going to find it hard to justify paying for something that is very similar to the original, Pokémon Gold/Silver is a game of good quality and content.

Whether youre a diehard fan or tired pundit of Pokémon, the Gold and Silver versions will do very little to change your mind about the franchise as a whole. While the sequels dont have as much revolutionary impact as the original, they are still very well made games and nothing to be ashamed off. All the new features are sure to hold the interest of previous trainers so long as they arent expecting too much change.

RPG (role-playing game) fans should also note that Pokémon Gold/Silver is a pretty decent genre piece. It doesnt have an overly engaging storyline (which starts to fall apart by the latter third of the game), but the turn-based battles and bond that develops between trainer and Pokémon through all the level raising is vintage console RPG stuff.

Chi Kong Lui
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