According to ESRB, this game contains: Animated Violence

For parents, the seriousness and integrity with which Medal Of Honor takes its historical subject and tries to be somewhat educational at the same time, makes Medal Of Honor a great game for mature kids and teens who are interested in contemporary history as well as action games. But make no mistake that the violence in Medal Of Honor reflective of actual war, brutal and unflinching. So parents with children 12 and under, might want to take special consideration before picking up this well produced title.

No matter how impressive Medal Of Honor is for the PlayStation, PC Gamers with their 3D accelerators capable of huge textures and 32-bit color will laugh their asses off when they see it. Medal Of Honor is perfect fodder for PC gamers whom love to get into flamewars with Console gamers about system superiority.

For PlayStation owners, if you believe in better late then never, you're gonna love Medal Of Honor. It may not look all that pretty, but it got its where it counts; style and gameplay. And make sure you have Dual Shock controller because the analog control will make a world of difference towards ease of control.  

Multiplayer gamers will be disappointed the Medal Of Honor doesn't allow 4-player Deathmatching and while the two-player competitive modes are decent, expect overly dark stages making hunting a little tougher then I would have liked.

Chi Kong Lui
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