According to ESRB, this game contains: Animated Violence

For parents, Side Story 0079 doesn't contain any fowl language and gratuitous violence. Though they should be forewarned that the controls—while relatively simple when compared to most simulator piloting games of this sort—they still may prove too difficult and obtuse for younger players. The games complex war-torn storyline is something that probably won't appeal to them either. Then again, if your child is a rabid fan of the Gundam Wing TV show, which is also has a similarly complex storyline surrounding war and politics, then they may enjoy what the game has to offer.

Fans of the anime series will be partially disappointed. On one hand, Gundam Side Story 0079 looks technically amazing and contains many of the same story elements that make the anime so popular. But on the other hand, the game plays more realistically and strategically than one might expect. Some of those fans may appreciate that added depth in the gameplay, while others may dislike not being able to single-handedly take on armies of Mobile Suits like an ace pilot.

Fans of giant-robot simulators like Mechwarrior and Heavy Gear will probably enjoy the strategic tactical elements and the tough-as-nails combat experience the most.

Also for everyone to take note is that the game is extremely short; making it ideal for rental or only for those die-hard otaku who fantasize about piloting a Mobile Suit or want to add the game to go alongside their collection of Gundam paraphernalia.

Chi Kong Lui
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