According to ESRB, this game contains: Mild Animated Violence 

Parents, not running out and picking this title up for themselves, have nothing to worry about if its for the toddlers. There are no red flags in the way of sex, gore and profanity. Though I suspect that most kids who got their first taste of an RPGs with Final Fantasy VII, will probably not be too thrilled with what Dragon Warrior I & II offers.

Old-school RPG fans will love Dragon Warrior I & II. Not only is this a blast-from-the-past, but the developers have also gone back and redid the graphics as well as include adjustments in the gameplay to make the game far more playable in today's times.

Contemporary RPG fans should probably stay aware from this one. Despite the updates, many are still not going to be impressed at how this game looks or plays. Dragon Warrior I & II is short on story and long on exploration, character development and battles. Without having a firm understanding and appreciation of where this game is coming from (as I have tried to entail in my review), most gamers will probably be appalled by it.

Chi Kong Lui
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