According to ESRB, this game contains:  Animated Blood & Gore, Animated Violence, Strong Language

Parents weary of the game's R-rated violence should also take note that kids who aren't battle-hardened gamers will not have an easy time with Aliens Versus Predator.  "Veterans" like myself, however, will relish the challenge.

Fans of FPSs who think variety is the spice of life, AvP is for you!

For multiplayer gamers, there are many interesting features like segregated species battles and tag-the-Alien. Other modes like the Co-operative modes remain unpolished and have yet to be fully realized, but with three unique characters to choose from, each with their own set of one-player missions, I'm not gonna complain. Hopefully, a later add-on will add even more multiplayer possibilities to what is already a bountiful package. Be forewarned that this game is really tough (even with the later-released patch that enables in-mission saves)!

Chi Kong Lui
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