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There aren't many video games that do a good job of bringing in significant others, at least not of the kinds of games that I like to play. Sure, there are the standbys like Guitar Hero and its ilk. Super Mario Galaxy did sort of okay in this respect, albeit in a limited fashion. Of course, there are many Wii games that appeal to spouses, such as Wii Sports, Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles, and countless other lesser titles. But those aren't the kinds of games I usually want to play. So what's a gaming-oriented guy to do? Enter Resident Evil 5.

I should preface this by saying that I was recently able to get my mostly non-game-playing wife to play through Resident Evil 4 on the Wii, which she loved. If not for that, she may not have been ready to graduate to the more complex dual-analog controls of RE5. Husbands considering introducing their wives to RE5 without any prior learning curve should consider themselves fairly warned. But I digress.

We started playing RE5 about a week ago and are now roughly half-way through the game. The verdict thus far? RE5 just might be one of the best two-player games out there for husbands and wives to play together. It promotes cooperation, teamwork, patience, sharing of resources, and a shared sense of accomplishment. If my wife needs shotgun ammo, I help her out. If my machine gun is getting light, she'll toss me a mag. When she's attacked by vicious mutant spiders, I'm there to slash them away. When a crazed villager grabs me from behind, my wife is there to deliver a spinning roundhouse kick. That's what a good marriage is all about.

So far, my wife and I have been having a blast with it. Personally, I think it's one of the best co-op experiences out there. The frequency and variety of situations requiring one player to help the other goes way beyond the teammate-reviving bits in, say, Gears of War. The cooperative elements in RE5 are so good in fact that, assuming at least a basic familiarity with video games, I could imagine this being an excellent relationship-building tool for married couples. If a husband is having trouble trusting his wife, or the other way around, then successfully downing a giant sea-monster while cooperatively operating opposing machine-gun turrets might be just the thing.

Of course, I could also see RE5 tearing some couples apart, destroying their relationships, and prompting them to divorce. But hey, if that happens then it probably wasn't meant to be.

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Played resident evil 6 with Helena and Leon as characters. So cool. Of course, hubby was Leon and I played Helena. I can see how it can be great for teamwork. Not too mention the characters look hot too which adds to the appeal.


it’s a bit myopic/anachronistic to assume it’s the wife that doesn’t enjoy video games. I can’t tell you how often i’m bored to tears by my boyfriend’s obsession with cutesy wii games. Even manhunt was censored. i found this article condemning.

Brad Gallaway
Brad Gallaway

Glad to hear it was such a positive couples experience. The wife and I plan on going through it in co-op as well, we’re just waiting on a second copy from GameFly. i’m really, really glad that co-op seems to be back in such a big way. my wife would never take part in standard deathmatch, CTF or whatnot, but for something that has a beginning, middle,and end, she’s there. same for me, really.

good co-op just rules.