According to ESRB, this game contains: Language, Violence

Burnout Paradise Screenshot

Parents have little to worry about. There are no living things (human or otherwise) in Paradise City, so the question of causing injury or death is pretty much moot. Some parents may dislike the idea of a game that encourages their kids to drive recklessly and cause crashes; however, it should be considered that Burnout Paradise is in no way a driving simulator and therefore bears little resemblance to the actual experience of driving a car. The music contains some suggestive lyrics, but nothing explicit.

Racing-game fans owe it to themselves to at least give Burnout Paradise a try. While some players may be overwhelmed initially by the added complexity of having to keep track of street names during fast-paced events, most will find the new open-world setup rewarding and well worth the effort. That being said, there's no denying that previous Burnout titles were less mentally taxing, and players who prefer going on partial autopilot during their races will probably have some trouble.

Online multiplayer fans will appreciate the easy-to-use online multiplayer functionality. Joining an online race occurs in real time with a quick button press, and moving in and out of online and single-player events feels smooth and seamless. Unfortunately, however, there is no split screen mode, and therefore no way to play multiplayer matches with friends on the same TV.

Deaf and Hard of Hearing gamers won't run into any major problems. There are no essential audio cues, and all important gameplay-related information is conveyed through easily readable onscreen indicators. There is a helpful ping sound that comes when a turn is approaching, but there's a flashing indicator at the top of the screen that goes along with it. There's a DJ that occasionally gives players little tips and hints, but it's often just as easy (if not easier) to just figure things out by reading the manual and then exploring and figure things out through trial and error.

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