Here's the wrap-up of our talk with Braid designer Jonathan Blow!

Inside, we discuss games publishing, the constant stream of "sword dude" games, and where gaming is going.

(Please note we filmed this last year…)

Thanks for watching, and check in with us next Monday when we sit down with David Jaffe!

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3 Comments on "State of Play with Brandon Bales: Jonathan Blow, Part Five"

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I agree with the interviewee about the state of gaming. As somone who has played video games for over 30yrs and is 40ish now, im not finding new titles very interesting or exciting. It may be my age, or the fact that there isn’t very much that is compelling in the games themselves. Its probably both, but the fact that many games are similar-looking based on the underlying software/hardware interface like Microsoft DirectX that is, in my opinion, to blame. Trying to maximize profits, developers produce and market products that will run on xbox 360 and playstation3, which are, essentially,… Read more »
Brandon Bales
Hey Carlos, First off, thanks so much for watching the show. It means a lot. Second, I appreciate your comments. Thanks for taking the time to do that. Was I under-prepared for my interviews?… Not exactly, in my opinion. Was I nervous? Of course! I did a (soon to be aired) pilot episode before the three I’ve been posting, so Jonathan’s was technically the second interview I’ve ever done – a pretty tall order, if you ask me, considering his strong opinions. Anyhow, I absolutely agree with you that I need more practice being eloquent, and the only way to… Read more »
Carlos Rocha
I think you have good questions, but when you talk during the interview I think you are a bit under prepared, or may be nervous, and I think it shows. For instance, when you said “I wish I was a publisher”, “no you don’t”, “ok no I don’t”. It may be something small, but that could have sparked a nice debate, is it good to be a publisher? You need to practice being more eloquent and be able to answer and respond on the fly, and may be create a conversation between the both of you. Maybe you want the… Read more »