Here is my Day Two report written furtively on Day Three.  I am sly.

Not yet out of this world

Aliens: Colonial Marines Screenshot

First stop yesterday was the demonstration of Aliens: Colonial Marines. I'll just say it right now: it's amazing how fast time can flash by when you're simply waiting on line for something.  We were only standing there for a little over one half hour, but that's an eternity on the show floor.  While grueling, I could dig it: soon, aliens in Aliens; no biggie. Alien has always been my favorite part of the film franchise, so I'm not too familiar with the other pictures, but after seeing the game, I was only mildly excited.  It felt like a game we shoulda seen ages ago: a good-looking game for the most part, but falling in line with most recent shooter tropes.  Could be lots of fun, and the co-op feature's gonna be neat.  All in all, "meow, meow"—which is to say, "alright."

Dead Island

Dead Island Screenshot

Hey pretty good first-person zombie game! Why don't you let me invert my y-axis?  That's scarier than anything!  I felt like a drunken party-goer in front of the other attendees…

Customer Service 

Dear Bethesda,

I recently saw a demonstration of your beautiful game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and I already want my hundred hours back.


Me writing for Everyone Ever 


Not too angry to play this one.

Infinite hordes of goons?

BioShock Infinite Screenshot

I like me some revisionist history in a videogame, and the world of BioShock Infinite is an excellent example of excitement in this vein—it's electric and stunning.  The demo gave me some real reason to write home; it's beautiful.  I was enthralled by the main characters and the lush setting, to be sure.  I was thrilled, even, when bullets started flying and people started fighting for their lives.  And, while I appreciate the direness of this fictional situation, I was disappointed to see so much of said shooting.  Perhaps I'm simply an old man now, but with such an incredible world on display, a part of me felt that filling it to the gills with bullets was somehow cheapening the whole effect.  While it's hard to create the average game, I want a little something extra to match a world this fantastic.  That said, this one is going to be a rip-roaring adventure of a fairly high order when it becomes available.  And yes, I can already anticipate the semi-nightmares staring The Songbird.

A certain bard

The not-spoony Trent Fingland has 372 hit points.  He is a real character that is playable.  He has the attribute "Stand-Up Guy."  Add him to your party.

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