Hey folks!

Brad Gallaway, editor of GameCritics here.

Just wanted to let you now that there’s going to be a delay in publishing new material this week — the excessive heat in WA caused some damage in my office and the space is currently unusable, which means no updates to GC until I get it sorted out.

I apologize for the disruption in publishing and I hope to get things up and running in a day or two.

Thanks much for your patience!

[June 30 – UPDATE]: Hey all, thanks for your patience during our forced publishing hiatus.

The biggest issue we had was that the heat in WA (over 100 degrees F for multiple days in a row) caused some gas to expand in a heating oil tank, and that expansion caused a rupture in one of the lines. We caught it on the day it happened, but by that time there had already been some spillage and the toxic fumes from the oil were intense — imagine someone spilling a bunch of gasoline inside a sealed room, and you’ll be close to what we had going on here.

Thankfully, we had a repairman come out and he was able to get it fixed and largely cleaned up. At this point we’re just waiting for the last of the fumes to dissipate from the area so it’s safe to use again — unfortunately, that room was where we had all of our PCs and podcasting equipment, so it was off-limits. On the plus side, no one was made sick or injured by the fumes, which is the most important thing.

We’ve been venting the room around the clock and it’s just now starting to approach breathability again, which means we’ll be back in action either tonight or tomorrow.

Thanks again for bearing with us during this unexpected happenstance, and we’re looking forward to catching up on all the content we were going to run this week soon.


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2 years ago

Hope the damage wasn’t extensive & won’t cost you an arm & a leg to repair/replace. Was watching the Track & Field Olympic Trials over the weekend – they said the highest temps ever recorded (starting back in the late 1800’s) were set this past weekend.

Take all the time you guys need – we’ll be here! Stay cool!! 😉