Here at Gamecritics, we get more codes than we can use, and instead of just throwing them away or letting them gather electronic dust, we save them up until we get a pile and then we just straight-up give them away.

The next code blowout will be this Sunday, December 18, at about 8:30PM (or so) Pacific time.

How do you win? Follow me on Twitter (@BradGallaway) and watch for the announcements right before the giveaway.

Once things get rolling, I’ll announce the title of a game, and all you have to do to win is be the first person to say that you want it. However, there is a catch — if I recognize you as being someone who’s a regular reader of GC or a listener of the GC or So Videogames podcasts, or if I recognize you as someone who’s regularly interacted with the Gamecritics family of content and been a supporter, you will get preference. There are always dozens of totally random people who show up out of the woodwork when games are being given away, and while we’re happy to hook someone up, we prefer to support the people who support us, which is why they get preference.

So, to recap… Follow me on Twitter and watch the feed on December 18 at about 8:30 PM or so. I’ll announce a slew of games, and then all you have to do is let me know that’s a game you want. If you win, I will DM you the code, and that’s all there is to it.

One final thing to note — although I do my best to make sure the codes that we give out are still valid, there’s only so much I can do. Every once in a while a code turns out to be invalid or just doesn’t redeem for whatever reason, and in such case there’s nothing I can do about it… Thankfully it’s pretty rare this happens but it is a possibility.

So, what are we giving away? I never announce the list ahead of time because I like a little bit of surprise, but we’ve got a wide variety of codes and some hardcopies as well. The bulk of the codes are for PS4 or Steam, although other platforms are represented — and believe me, we have a massive pile of stuff.

I think that’s it, but if there are any questions, please post them as a comment below and I hope to see you on December 18!

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6 years ago

Now to queue up the insider podcast references for that elusive, elite “preferred” status…

Drew Rowland
Drew Rowland
6 years ago

Hooray! Hopefully, I can get something good! This is pretty awesome.