The friendly folks over at Atlus were kind enough to share some preview information about their upcoming game The Dark Spire, and so I'm passing it on to you…

If you like your RPGs old-school, and I mean old-old-school, this game should definitely be on your radar.

The Dark Spire Preview Screenshot The Dark Spire Preview Screenshot

Don't let these incredibly stylish graphics fool you, the heart of The Dark Spire is the sort of dungeon-crawling, character-rolling, chest de-trapping experience that hasn't been seen on consoles since (probably) Wizardry on the Super NES. Remember that game? Like it? Stop reading and go pre-order now.

The Dark Spire Preview Screenshot The Dark Spire Preview Screenshot

There's tons of flavor scripting, each little snippet like a trip down memory lane for people who are old enough to remember text adventures, and if these graphics are too flashy for your taste, there's also an 8-bit graphics mode that represents dungeons as wire-frames along with simplified monsters.

The Dark Spire Preview Screenshot The Dark Spire Preview Screenshot

Although I haven't played the adventure through, I think the other nod to old-school role-playing is the difficulty level. My sources tell me that "brutal" is the name of the game, with The Dark Spire sporting a degree of lethality possibly steeper than the superb Etrian Odyssey games. Are you Tuff-E-Nuff?

Check out the official site for more information, and circle the April 14th release date on your calendars.

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