According to ESRB, this game contains: Language, Sexual Themes, Use of Alcohol and Tobacco, Violence

Parents should be aware that since Tekken 5 is a fighting game, there is (naturally) a considerable level of violence, i.e. flying fists, mean-looking kick attacks, crazy martial arts, and some bone-snapping throws. Some of the female characters display some racy poses and skimpy outfits, but in general the sexual content is low. I did not notice any use of offensive language, despite the warning on the back of the box.

Fighting Game Fans either love Tekken or hate it; there seems to be no middle ground. Tekken 5 doesn't have anything here that will change your mind about the series either way, but it is clearly the finest version of Tekken ever created. If you even halfway like the series, this game is a must-buy.

People Who Don't Own Any Version Of Tekken absolutely have to pick up this game. The cast is large and well-rounded, and the fact that it contains three complete arcade versions of the previous games cannot be ignored. Without a doubt, this game is well worth $50.

Hearing Impaired Gamers receive full text everywhere it counts, both in the opening and closing scenes for all characters. There are no problems with access, and no important auditory cues.

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