In this episode, Carlos & Brad cover:

Rise of Fox Hero
Neon & Dust
Neon White
Mosaic Chronicles Deluxe
Opportunity: A Sugar Baby Story
Wild Hearts

…And more!

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Greg Killmaster
Greg Killmaster
1 month ago

Thanks for the great podcast! I had to write to you all about my recent discovery. I can’t remember if either or both of you all have played Nobody Saves the World. I had an interesting experience with it. In the beginning, I kinda hated it and it was extremely annoying. I kept playing cause I paid real money for it and just wanted to give it the best chance since Skill Up spoke so highly about it. Gradually, it started to click and now it’s for sure one of my most favorite games of my life. I admire it… Read more »

Greg Killmaster
Greg Killmaster
27 days ago
Reply to  Brad Gallaway

Yes, I agree!