In this episode Carlos is away, so former co-host Corey Motley steps in to fill his chair.

FULL DISCLOSURE: Carlos usually does the editing. So, since he was out of action, Brad had to step in and try to piece things together. This is only the second podcast he’s ever assembled, so please be merciful. ^_^

With that said, the games covered this time around are:

Far: Changing Tides
Mind Scanners
Castlevania Advance Collection
Deck of Ashes
The Last Of Us 2
Road 96

…And more!

We hope you enjoy the show, and hopefully Carlos will be back next episode with a smoother cut! ; D

Please send feedback and mailbag questions to SoVideogamesPODCAST (at) gmail (dot) com, or post them in the comments section below. Thanks!

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1 year ago

the rumors of me having STDs are patently untrue