In this episode, Carlos & Brad discuss…

09:31     Temtem

15:11       Picklock

16:52     Absolute Drift: Zen Edition

19:54     Call of the Sea

22:38    Morkredd

25:09    Immortals: Fenyx Rising

43:18     Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead

45:04    Evolution

47:57    Cyberpunk 2077

01:17:04     Nine Witches: Family Disruption

…And more!

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2 years ago

Thank you for having a reasonable, pleasant discussion of Cyberpunk 2077. I’ve put in about 40 hours on PS4 Pro (it plays fine, thanks – some bugs, a few crashes, nothing catastrophic) and I think the game is truly something special. Unfortunately, the discourse online has been undescribably toxic from all sides. It’s become all but impossible to even discuss this game anywhere above all the screeching. I was even banned from a Facebook group for trying to discuss this game! Anyway, thanks to Carlos and Brad – it’s too bad that CDPR’s management have done such a terrible job… Read more »