Here at GameCritics, we originally covered Candleman in January with a full review by Corey Motley. It also had a strong impact on me, and I was actually so touched by it that I reached out to the developers for further comment.

While I didn’t exactly get the answers I was looking for at the time, it wasn’t long before new information came to light — after our review ran, it was revealed that there was DLC on the way, and it was strongly suggested that this add-on would have a significant effect on the story.

This DLC was finally released at the end of October with zero fanfare, and now that I’ve finished it I’m going to have to be brutally honest — In light of what the DLC is, it makes Candleman‘s original nine-chapter version seem incomplete.

The new content is automatically integrated into the campaign and acts like a perfect continuation from where the last chapter left off. If I hadn’t played the first iteration, I would have never known it was added in. I don’t know why this narrative was broken up into two chunks, but considering that the developers aren’t charging for it and anyone buying it now will get the whole kit and caboodle, it seems clear that they intend players to experience it in this expanded way.

Regardless of why this content wasn’t originally included, it’s here now, and when taken in total with the rest of the game, it makes Candleman one of the year’s most emotionally powerful, moving experiences. I’d easily put it on par with rich visions like Journey, Papo & Yo or Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, and it’s a shame that this wonderful title seems to have slipped under everyone’s radar.

I am definitely going to be discussing Candleman at the end of the year, and I hope that other people interested in checking out the best 2017 has to offer will take the time to play this game. The fact it’s an Xbox One exclusive means that a large portion of its potential audience will be unable to access the content, but for those people who have the means, this beautiful title comes highly, highly recommended.

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6 years ago

Would love to play, but as an Xbox exclusive it’s simply impossible to play. Obviously I will not buy an xbo to play a game. This whole exclusive shit is fucking bullshit and annoying. It’s like apple with their own fucking not interchangeable connectors. It is the reason why I hate Apple and exclusive Titles like Candleman. Here is a game lot’s of people would play but only if you’re member of the xbox club. It’s basically the gameworld if Martin Shkreli would be the CEO of All of Gaming Inc. But then without Martin Shkreli. They should just plain… Read more »