As far as I'm concerned, there's nothing wrong with being a horndog (to use Chi's term), and there's nothing wrong with games that appeal to the libido. Granted, there has to be some kind of gameplay there for such games to be justified, otherwise they become interactive pornography. But, as long as the content is positioned correctly and the audience is appropriate, I'm all for it. So, the next logical question is "Does Rumble Roses' content justify the presentation?" I think so…but just barely.

I concur with Chi's evaluation of the rasslin' engine, and don't have a lot to add on this topic. The handling is very solid, it was easy to pick up and learn, and I found it to be pretty respectable all around. However, it was on the shallow side, and after just an hour or two, I felt like I had learned everything inside and out. This is where the eye candy came in.

Frankly, if this game had been full of big muscle-bound guys, I wouldn't have bothered to play it, much less review it. The main reason I wanted to check out Rumble Roses was to…check out the Roses. The models themselves are very good and undoubtedly appealing, though I think the selection of ladies leans a little too far towards the slender, girlish side. This can be seen a negative depending on taste, but I have to say the term "jailbait" comes to mind with a few of these characters.

While most of the characters play their sexpot vixen roles reasonably well, the part of the game I found concerning was its lack of spine and audacity. For a game obviously designed to explode with T&A magnetism, I found the experience to be far too mellow, and not nearly as over-the-top or outrageous as I was expecting. I mean, wrestling itself is all about spectacle and "drama," so it seems to figure that a game featuring only female wrestlers would just take that concept and push it to the next level. In contrast to Chi's opinion, Rumble Roses didn't go nearly far enough to suit my tastes.

There were certainly a few maneuvers where the distance between a face and a crotch was close enough to raise an eyebrow, but things were pretty tame overall, and even a little bit bland. For example, the "Humiliation" moves sound like they'd be full of weird tantric maneuvers or lesbian photo ops, but for the most part they're only marginally more impressive than the standard grabs and throws. The "Lethal" and "Killer" moves didn't live up to their names either, lacking any crazy fireworks, freeze-frame shots, sky-high drops, or gigantic throws. It's as if the developers tried to go all-out with the quasi-kinky character design, but got cold feet when it came to spicing up the gameplay with craziness and flash, instead producing a standard wrestling game that just happens to feature scantily-clad women. Either go all the way, or don't go at all, in my opinion.

I had fun with Rumble Roses for a few days and I don't regret having it on my shelf (the character model for Miss Spencer's evil side justifies a purchase all by itself… pass me a few paper towels, please) but I haven't touched it since putting it through its paces, and I have no desire to do so in the future. If a sequel came out tomorrow with a hell of a lot more splash to it, I'd plunk down my money quite happily. As it stands, Rumble Roses comes off like a nudie magazine with the best pages torn out.Rating: 6.5 out of 10

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