Microsoft's done it to me again.

I got hit with the Red Rings of Death and went through the whole repair process, getting knocked out of action for about a month.

Truth be told, I'm really a fan of the 360's games and of how well the Live service is integrated, so I wasn't too upset even though I had every right to be. The experience up until that point was just that good, really.

My opinion is starting to change.

Today while playing Wik, the graphics on the screen became sort of lined and fuzzy, so I assumed it was the TV. I shut it off and turned it back on, with no difference.

::cue ominous music::

I shut down the 360 and restarted it, and what I got was an E 74 Error message, whatever the hell that is. Shut down, restarted, no change.

I called in to Microsoft and get a horrific customer service rep who called me Brad, Chad, Ted, and Bob in rotation. He explained in semi-intelligible english that since this was not a RROD, it was not covered under Microsoft's recently-extended warranty and it would be $99 to fix. I protested, saying that I had *just* had the unit repaired, but to no avail.

My 360 is now unhooked, out of my game cabinet, and waiting to be shipped off to Texas (or parts unkown) for repairs.

I am not happy. 

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14 years ago

And here I was expecting a preview for the new Altered Beast game…