I've still got Monster Hunter testimonials in the pipe, but I'm taking a short break from that to talk about a few other things.

Oh, and before I switch topics entirely, here's my current Monster Hunter 3: Ultimate status:

  • 132 hours total, HR6 online, and completing 7-star quests in the single-player campaign.
  • Working on completing Urugaan S, Zinogre and Ivory Lagiacrus armors.
  • Using greatswords the majority of the time, switching off occasionally to longswords or hammers. Best sword in my box is probably the Dio Blade (slime) but I've got a couple that are pretty close.

And there you go! Moving on…

Dead Island: Riptide Screenshot

My Dead Island: Riptide review just went up a few days ago.

Readers will know that I am a huge fan of the first game, and even though it had some rough edges, it was a pretty brilliant experience. Unfortunately, Riptide isn't able to match up to that first title. The new character who uses hand-to-hand combat is lots of laughs, but the game itself feels like it was slapped together with very little care and isn't nearly as immersive or as atmospheric as the original.

My next review will be Soul Sacrifice on Vita. This one has been heavily anticipated by Vita owners for quite some time, and is coming from Keiji Inafune, the creator of Mega Man. I put about nine hours into a "good" character before restarting as "evil" and putting another four or five into that one…

Reviews are still under embargo until April 30, but those covering it have been encouraged by Sony PR to share impressions and previews. To that end, all I can say is that my current impressions are not very favorable at all.

Finally, a quick heads-up on Mars War Logs.

I don't know a ton about it, but it's from French developers Spiders, and I was a huge fan of their work on XBLA's Faery. If Mars War Logs is on par with that, then I'll be a very happy camper. It's out right now on Steam, with console versions to follow.

It's been a bit of a long road lately, but I'm finally in the home stretch on my book revisions and plan to send the edited draft to my editor this weekend.

I'm hoping that there won't be any more edits requested (although realistically, there probably will be) but it will be great to get that off my plate for a little while, at least.

I started all of my writing projects when I had a lot more free time, so now that other things have piled on, I'm feeling pretty pressed on several sides. Just a couple more days and I can put a big check mark by that item on my to-do list!

Brad Gallaway

Brad Gallaway

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Currently, he's got about 42 minutes a night to play because adulting is a timesuck, but despite that, he's a happily married guy with two kids who both have better K/D ratios than he does.

Brad still loves Transformers, he's on Marvel Puzzle Quest when nobody at the office is looking, and his favorite game of all time is the first Mass Effect -- and he thought the trilogy's ending was Just Fine, Thanks.

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