My 360 came back today, so the trip in total from my house to the repair center in (AFAIK) Texas and back again was about a month.

I missed the UPS driver's first delivery attempt and the box required a sig, so I drove down to the center to pick it up. As the box was on the counter being scanned, another UPS guy came by and said "fixed your 360, huh?"

The box itself was plain white with no discernible markings, so I asked him if he had seen a lot of these same boxes come in. he replied that he personally handled at least 6 or 7 *per day*, and that since he only worked in the pickup area, he estimated that there were a significant number that went directly to homes.

Multiply that anecdotal guesstimate by the number of UPS centers and it seems that MS's "Red Ring" debacle is quite possibly even larger than anyone could have guessed…. no wonder they're so hesitant to release any hard numbers.

Another interesting thing that happened was that the same UPS worker looked over to my wife and said, "I guess you're getting ready to have some alone time, huh?"

She scoffed and said that she had dibs.

I love my wife. 

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15 years ago

I love that the site has decided that “related content” for this blog post is the Ring of Red review. 🙂