Back in the day, a random guy named Scott C. Jones was writing for us here at GameCritics and he turned in some solid pieces.

He eventually left us to dip into different kinds of writing, he maybe did a TV show… You know, a little bit of this, a little bit of that.

I think he’s done all right for himself and he owes it all to his time at GC. We take FULL CREDIT. He made us proud. Now the scamp is getting a new podcast off the ground — Heavily Pixelated.

It’s definitely got a bit of that ol’ NPR flavor, but I say that in the best possible sense. In each episode, Scott talks to a gamer and goes beyond what they’re playing by examining their life and how it relates to what’s on their screen. In the first show, it’s how Destiny helped a man cope with a divorce. In the next, a cancer survivor learns to play games without shame.

If you’re looking for something game-related that goes beyond the latest news and reviews, give Scott’s show a listen, and tell him we sent you!

Brad Gallaway
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Scott Jones
Scott Jones
3 years ago

Hi BRAD! Thanks for sharing the show with GC! I miss yoouuuuu! (Bracken and I still talk about all of you often.)