Corey dives into full-on ending spoiler territory for The Painscreek Killings in this episode. We give an audio warning during the show, but the spoiler section is from 51:34 to 1:19:42. Please avoid this segment if you don’t want to hear about the (phenomenal) ending to The Painscreek Killings.


Brad and Corey cover a lot of ground in this show. Brad gives his wrap-up on Hollow Knight then talks through some quick hits and misses on iOS and Switch. Corey discusses The Turing Test and reveals ending spoilers for The Painscreek Killings. They also talk about Corey’s successful work week and Brad’s recent trip to Los Angeles.

Hollow Knight: 03:25
The Turing Test: 18:08
The Talos Principle: 28:46
Cthulhu Chronicles: 34:50
Dustoff Rescue Heli 2: 37:53
Maria the Witch: 39:57
One Strike: 42:04
Kadobat Wars: 45:16
The Painscreek Killings: 51:10
Painscreek Spoilers: 51:34-01:19:42
Closing: 01:19:53
Banter: 01:22:15

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