This week Brad and Corey discuss Killing Time at Lightspeed, Defiance 2050’s closed beta, Detroit: Become Human’s Demo, X-Morph: Defense’s new DLC and Corey has finally played some God of War. They also discuss new disability information on GameCritics’ reviews, Avengers: Infinity War, Corey being over “Dunk-On Culture,” Corey’s cat photo being published in the BBC news and more.

Housekeeping: 2:32
Killing Time at Lightspeed: 13:16
Defiance 2050 Beta: 29:23
Detroit: Become Human Demo: 43:55
X-Morph Defense: European Assault DLC: 1:07:44
Corey’s take on God of War: 1:16:00
Closing: 1:28:45
Banter: 1:30:00

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