At the very end of the banter section at 2:03:03, Brad and Corey discuss the movie A Quiet Place in all its glory. Please avoid this section if you don’t want to be spoiled on the movie.


Brad and Corey are back to discuss Minit, Shadow of the Colossus, Raiders of the Broken Planet, Red Faction (yes, from 2001), and Brad gives some final thoughts on God of War. They also discuss grocery shopping, chicken juice, Corey catching a rat, A Quiet Place and more.

Minit: 01:45
Shadow of the Colossus: 11:03
Raiders of the Broken Planet: 28:08
Red Faction: 41:08
God of War: 58:43
Closing: 1:32:37
Banter: 1:33:45
A Quiet Place Spoilers: 2:03:13

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Brad Gallaway

Brad Gallaway

Brad Gallaway has been playing games since arcades were a thing and Atari was the new hotness. He's been at GameCritics since 2000. Currently, he's juggling editing duties, being a homeschooling dad, a devoted husband, and he does try to play a game once in a while.

Brad still loves Transformers, he's on Marvel Puzzle Quest when nobody's looking, and his favorite game of all time is a toss-up between the first Mass Effect and The Witcher 3. You can catch his written work here at GameCritics and you can hear him weekly on the @SoVideogames Podcast. Follow Brad on Twitter and Instagram at @BradGallaway, or contact him via email:

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Ray Ray
Ray Ray
2 years ago

Brad, I hope you end up doing the lead review for God of War.

Joe K
Joe K
2 years ago

This was the ‘stick your **** in a hornets nest’ episode. :/ A couple of thoughts: The target audience for an Ultra violent AAA videogame with the title ‘God of War’ is young males, some of whom are engaged in videogame consumerism in a quasi-religious way and may have emotional issues. As a kind of micro-micro-celebrity, you need to be aware that juvenile and YA male brains score low on temperance and impulse control; while being more likely to engage in criminal activity, risk-taking, irrational behaviour, and aggression. This is just nature, and as an adult who chooses to engage… Read more »